Reflective Essay Writing Steps - Guide
Some essays seem quite easy but when it comes to writing them, the essay writer feels them hard. Generally, there are different types of essays. Each type of each differs from the others by its purpose. For example, in an argumentative essay, the writer presents arguments for his/her perspective on a specific topic. This is done to convince the reader with the writer’s perspective. However, in a narrative essay, the writer narrates a story of any experience or imagination. This shows that every type of essay has a different purpose which makes them different from one another.
A reflective essay is also a type of essay in which the writer writes about a thought, situation, experience, or event and adds his/her reflection on its meaning. It seems quite easy but writing a reflection essay is a bit difficult when the writer does not know the basics of essays. Meaning that he/she should have a clear understanding of how to write my paper
Essays are very commonly used and students are mostly asked in several courses to write reflective essays. Some students who are not familiar with reflective essays use online services like an essay writing service. Writing a reflective essay is difficult but for those who never try it. Once you give yourself a chance you will find that it is not that tough. Moreover, with time we learn to do things better.
The same is the case here, if a student keeps writing essays his/her writing skills will surely improve and he/she will one day write effective and outstanding essays. Moreover, students can take help from online sources that educate students and teach them in writing reflective essays easily. Nowadays, professional writers also provide tips that help students write essays efficiently and effectively and know about how to write my paper for me
Steps for Writing Reflective Essays
In an essay, the essay writer has to express his/her thoughts about a scenario, event, or phenomenon. The writer should possess critical thinking skills when it comes to writing such types of essays. In this essay, the writer has to think critically and then react to what is his/her view on the discussed phenomena or event. Mentioned below are the steps that will help students and new writers in writing reflective essays:
1. At first, think of some phenomenon or an event that you think can be used to write essays. From those selected events choose the one you think is of great importance and will help you attract your reader’s attention. After selecting the event make a short and clear topic name for your essay.
2. After selecting the topic, deeply analyze the event to know what you think of it, what is its impact on your life, and how and why your life is affected by this event. This analysis will help you recognize and create the thesis of your reflective essay.
3. Now take a piece of paper and make a general draft or plan of your essay before starting your writeup. write the main idea of your essay in the center and then think and list all the points and arguments that you will present in the essay. Mention the strong points and arguments in the start to grab your reader’s attention and focus. Make sure all your points and arguments should support your main idea.
4. After completing the plan, start your write-up. Start with an attractive introduction. Try to include information that attracts your reader’s attention and compels them to read more.
5. After the introduction, start writing the body of your essay. The body of your essay normally consists of paragraphs but you can include more if you have more arguments to present. Try to focus on a single point or argument in a single paragraph.
6. After completing the body write down the conclusion in a separate paragraph. Also, summarize the main points of your essay in the conclusion.
This was a step-by-step guide for writing essays.
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